We seek to educate our communities on the extent of the problem and the urgency of the need; on how this is a human problem that we must fully understand.

©CES/SOTN Maurie from Michigan.  Maurie lost battle with kidney disease

Maurie from Michigan. Maurie lost his battle with kidney disease

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Note: The fact that an article is included in the file below does not imply that SOTN agrees with its content. Nor does it suggest we believe the article is factual or that we agree with its authors’ conclusions or opinions. Please take into consideration who the authors are, their background, whether the piece relies on field data collected by the authors themselves or is a review of other works. Also consider possible study limitations, such as number of subjects, date of the study, where the study was done, and whether there were control subjects.

Articles pertaining to Kidney Donations

Articles pertaining
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Graphs and Statistical Data

Graphs and Statistical Data