Karen Cantor

Karen Cantor is the producer/director of the recently released documentary, Last Rights: Facing End-of-Life Choices. This film, produced in association with Mississippi Public Broadcasting is a compelling and deeply personal exploration of four families and their terminally-ill loved ones as they face death. It brings up a multitude of matters implicit in an individuals’ option to hasten death when the dying process makes life unendurable. Last Rights explores medical, ethical, and political issues. Please visit www.LastRightsFilm.org to learn more. It is distributed by Filmakers Library, www.filmakers.com.

Ms Cantor grew up in Mt. Vernon, NY, received her BA cum laude from Goucher College and an MBA from Wake Forest University. Her eclectic background combines both her pursuit of the arts and business acumen. She has not only served as marketing director and consultant for high-tech firms but has also taught photography and entrepreneurship at American University. Her work as an award-winning photographer evolved into producing audio-visuals for the corporate world prior to making documentary films.

As a founding principal of Singing Wolf Documentaries, Inc., Karen Cantor is committed to creating productions of high esthetic value with underlying moral dilemmas with the intent of contributing to the debate of relevant issues and encouraging compassion, tolerance, and civic engagement. Ms. Cantor, who made her first film after she became a grandmother, also co-produced and co-directed The Danish Solution, a documentary about the 1943 rescue of the Danish Jews. This award-winning film, shown in festivals throughout the world, continues to be broadcast on PBS stations as well as overseas. Please visit: WWW.TheDanishSolution.org.