Jennifer E. Smith-Williams

Jennifer E. Smith-Williams is the Co-founder of the volunteer organization, Kidney Contenders. Kidney Contenders was recognized by Texas Governor, Rick Perry in March 2012 and by Texas State Representative Paul Workman in May 2011 for their commitment to educating the public about kidney health awareness and assisting fellow non-profit kidney organizations with volunteer outreach. Jennifer also presented her research about kidney disease at the 2012 Texas Senate Health Committee.

In addition to working collaboratively with the Kidney Contenders organization, Jennifer has also corresponded with several noted Nephrologists throughout the country and Nutricula Magazine and U.K. Health Radio have published several of Jennifer’s articles and audio recordings about the anatomy of the kidney and ramifications of the disease on the human body.

Jennifer is an alumnus of the City University of New York, Hunter College, NY, NY where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and a minor in Philosophy

Jennifer currently works in contracting for a healthcare corporation in Austin, TX that assist with finding medical specialists for inactive veterans that do not have insurance.