Mary Estill Buchanan

Mary Estill Buchanan holds degrees from Wellesley, and the Harvard Business School with Distinction, as one of its first 5 women. For the past 25 years she has continued learning at CU Law School, and in countless Graduate Courses in Moral Philosophy, Anthropology, HIstory, Political Science and Theory, Religious Studies, and Film; and well as professional continuing education programs.

Mary Estill Buchanan has been devoted to social change through public service and bioethics in many capacities for nearly 50 years. She served as the first woman elected Colorado Secretary of State, to her fist term as the only Republican elected statewide, and to her second term with the highest vote margin in the State. She then became the Republican Nominee for the U.S, Senate, becoming the first statewide and national candidate to successfully petition onto the political party primary ballot, and in 3 weeks, after the Colorado State Republican Assembly held her off the ballot by 18 floor votes.

For the past 25 years, her main service has been in Bioethics, considering medical payments to be public ethical issues, mostly around beginning and end-of-life policies and decision, and cost management. She served on the Kaiser-Permanente Regional VIII Bioethics Committee for the last 15 years, which dealt with all medical and social issues including medical error, and organ programs to increase availabilities and transplants. She has organized and served on community bioethics committees, including the Metro-Denver Bioethics Committee, dealing primarily with substitute medical decision making, major clients being the City and County of Denver and the Colorado Guardianship Alliance, which by law are the medical decision makers for for all legal medically incompetent persons, including wards supported at public expense..

She has served on many public and private educational and corporate Boards, both profit and non-profit. She has been active in social venture capital and social impact investing and fund-raising.

Twice widowed, she has 6 grown children, 5 grandchildren – one adopted as an infant from Guatemala, and one beautiful, precocious great grand-daughter. She is an avid and formerly competent athlete, she still is a strong swimmer, hiker, and river paddler in raft, canoe, and kayak and she was an accomplished downhill skier, tennis player and biker.

Mary Estill Buchanan has travelled extensively over the years in this country, including to most of the Tribal Reservations and American Indian Colleges with the American Indian College Fund;, and world wide, with over a month at a time in India, Nepal, Mongolia, Turkey, Greece/Crete, Central America, Peru, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, and Germany/Poland/Czechoslovakia, visiting most of the nazi death camps. She is an accomplished public speaker, she has been a member of the American Society for Bioethics and Health, and its earlier forms, for most of the past 25 years. She presented one plenary session on The Politics of the Nazi Genocide.

RELEVENT Medical/Healthcare past Organizations, beginning early 1990’s:

  • Kaiser-Permanente BioEthics Committee;
  • Kaiser-Permanente Consumer Advisory Committee;
  • Metro Denver Bioethics Committee;
  • Boulder County Social Services Advisory Committee;
  • Colorado Collective on Medical Decisions,
  • Fellow DU Center for Health Policy & Research;
  • Colorado Commission on Life and Law;
  • Hospice Colorado, varioius, Boulder County volunteer.
  • CU Health Sciences Center, volunteer Ethics faculty,and public Bioethics group[continuing]
  • American Association for Bioethics and Health [continuing]